Where do I start? Usually it’s best to meet and do an interview.  This lasts for about an hour or so and it makes it easier for you and me to make sure we can work together well.  There is no fee for this meeting unless it is over 20 miles from my location.  It would be cost prohibitive for me to drive all over Virginia to meet with couples that may or may not book me for their special day.

The easiest way to handle this is for us to talk on the phone or you fill out the contact form on this site.  I can email you a contract and you can mail the contract back with a non-refundable deposit (50% of the contract fee).  This will lock in your date and we can then make arrangements to begin creating your personal ceremony.

Are you available on my date? Just call me and find out!  Keep in mind that the first contract received will have priority and lock in first; so, if you are concerned about availability, send in your contract ASAP!

Is short notice a problem? I am usually able to accommodate short notice ceremonies.  Unfortunately, having a custom wedding is not possible if less than 48 hours is given.

Is a rehearsal necessary? No it isn’t.  I like rehearsals as they ensure your having a smooth execution of your ceremony.  Everyone is comfortable with what is expected of them and we all know what is going to happen.

What happens on my special day? I usually arrive about 45 minutes to an hour before the start of your ceremony.  I collect any unpaid fees (cash or money order only please), sign your license and perform your ceremony.

How do I make sure they can hear my ceremony? If you have less than 100 guests, we probably won’t need any microphone for the ceremony.  If your wedding is outside or is more than 100, usually your DJ will have a microphone available for use so it can be heard.  Just make sure you check with them on this matter.  I also have a system I can bring if you let me know if advance.

How long will my ceremony last? Most weddings last around 15 – 30 minutes.  Sounds fast huh?

Why do most officiates charge so much if it’s only for less than 30 minutes? Good question!  The actual performance of the ceremony is quick.  The time doing research, meeting with you, designing the ceremony, emailing to you, doing revisions, making arrangement to attend….whew!  These are the reasons for the fee.  All said and done,  the time and effort to learn how to perform the ceremony and do it well makes the fee really low.

Will you attend the rehearsal dinner and reception? I do not usually stay for the rehearsal dinner or the reception.  I am more than happy to offer the blessing at either of these functions.  Just let me know in advance what your wishes are as this day is your special day and we will do what we need to do to make it one you will remember.

Is it considered rude to tip the Officiant or other vendors helping with my special day?  If you feel the Officiant or any other vendor did an above and beyond expectations job for you, then by all means, tip them!

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